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    Start the Transformation from SMB to MNC. What do you want to improve today? Send us a message today to access world-class service providers focussed on SMBs.

      We help MSMEs to expand their markets and streamline their operations through digitization of operations. We will help MSMEs access resources available through large companies as well as enable access to government funding schemes.

      Looking to scale your business! Only marketing can make your sales efforts more efficient and expand your client base at a predictable scale to enable you to get an edge in the marketplace.

      Marketing has evolved every quarter during this pandemic where many marketing channels have closed but others have opened up. However, SMEs are getting poor ROI from their marketing initiatives and giving up too early, unable to deal with the complexity and jargon-filled approach of their partners. In this age of martech, algorithms, tools, and jargon, a CMO ensures that marketing spending yields stronger ROI.

      Reviewing existing brand awareness, understanding competition, and planning digital transformation enables SMEs to create strong marketing approaches. Brand strategy, marketing infrastructure and the actual campaigns – CMO on Demand enables SMEs to create efficient marketing plans. Tracking campaigns, brand outreach plans, creating strategic opportunities for leaders, customer acquisition in a predictable manner, and commercial excellence to reduce the cost of sales – these are some of the functions of a CMO which help SMEs to create efficient connections with their customers. CMO on Demand makes it affordable for SMEs to access expertise from Fortune 100 and Big 5 Consulting firms to improve the impact of their marketing initiatives.

      The go-to-market strategy is the plan of an organization, utilising their inside and outside resources (e.g. goodwill, brand recall, sales force, distributors, partners, funds availability, etc.), to deliver a unique value proposition to customers and achieve competitive advantage. It helps a company decide on their future course of action in the market with a holistic approach rather than ad-hoc and knee-jerk manner as many SMEs do. Go to Market Strategy takes into consideration the entire landscape for the company, all possibilities, and pros, and cons of each route taken. Some questions that a GTM will answer are:

      • Where are we now?
      • Where do we want to go?
      • How do we get there?

      Challenges, gaps, competitors – their positioning and market segment, positioning of our offerings in the customer segment.

      The fast-changing digital ecosystem is complex and needs a structured methodology to navigate through it. There are ‘essential’ steps to take in the right order so that businesses can realise their full revenue potential.

      Aaroh’s digital marketing strategy enables clients to overcome the challenges they face to optimise the right mix of digital channels. We develop, implement and track the digital infrastructure and performance of the campaigns to maximize the quality of traffic, leads, conversions and ROI. The strategic approach adopted is aligned to the business goals of the organization seeking to build a framework for success. From creative campaigns to content, we communicate marketing messages with a strategic approach to acquire and retain customers at every stage of their journey. 

      In a scenario of complex and ever-changing digital platforms, Aaroh helps SMEs bring some sanity to the entire exercise and ensures that we help you do what is necessary for your business and not what is the latest fad. We are focused on real outcomes and not vanity metrics like “likes” “shares” “viral”, etc.

      If you’re ready to expand your market and take it to the next level, contact our trusted partners today to learn more about how we can help you build a brand, develop markets and export to various countries. Book a free consultation session with an Approved SME Matters partner.

      SME Matters brings to you partners – individual consultants and SME Focused agencies who bring in 15+ years of experience in the relevant fields. These are professionals who, have worked with large corporates earlier and now bring all the best practices from MNCs to MSMEs. SME Matters operates on the principle of “RELIABILITY FIRST” principle, which means, on this platform, you will access the highest levels of strategy and execution capability from a few, handpicked partners. 

      WHAT IS SME MATTERS: This is a curated platform for knowledge and services exclusively for MSMEs. 

      WHAT IT IS NOT: This is not a general marketplace for services. 

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