Electrical Engineer (Civil Projects)

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      JOB TYPE

      • Full-Time


      • Bachelor’s (Preferred)


        Share Detail engineering with a safety factor in the design.
        Basic & detailed engineering for the provision of earthling pits of electrical installation.
        Design for illumination of different areas and lux calculation.
        Cable size calculation cable scheduling & route selection, overhead or underground, Proper protection system for all electrical installation.
        Generally responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all electrical-related works at the site.
        Estimates prepare and assign resources such as workforce, materials, consumables, equipment, tools, etc., required for all electrical and related works before execution.
        Plans and analyses all possible construction methodologies and recommends the best options to the Asst. Project Manager for approval before execution at site.
        Interprets construction drawings and studies the contract documents and applicable standards or specifications before executing any jobs.
        Manages directly and provides engineering and technical support to all the electrical workgroups at the site.
        Plans the execution of all electrical-related works and coordinates the results to mechanical and civil groups.
        Coordinates with Client / Consultant’s representatives for any site instructions and inspection of works.
        Assign targets for accomplishments and ensure targets are met daily for all electrical groups at the site.
        Submits daily site reports, inspection requests, estimates, and all relevant monitoring reports regularly or as required.
        Supports the Project Manager in accomplishing all the goals and targets for the electrical groups at a site.
        Ensures that all the works have been done by the approved construction drawings, contract documents, project specifications, and applicable standards, whether local, national, or international.
        Ensures that all site works are done according to all applicable quality standards.
        Directly responsible for the safety of all electrical groups’ personnel of the project by ensuring that the project execution will be done according to all applicable health, safety, sanitary and environmental standards.

        Performs other related duties as may be required by the Project Manager.
        To coordinate with Electrical Contractor for Electrification, Execution, Erection & Commissioning.
        To provide complete electrical solutions as per requirement.
        Handling the electrical load as per the requirement as a part of electrical engineer jobs in a construction company.
        Cable size calculation cables scheduling & its route selection, overhead or underground.
        Inspection and Test Plans to perform all required checks, witness all the necessary tests, and add the witness and hold points for the Client’s Inspection.
        Inspection reports and records of Quality Control carried out on completed and running Project activities.
        Review Client’s Inspectors’ deliverables, analyze and resolve issues and problems emerging during the Quality Control activities. Ensure that all inspections and tests witnessed by clients
        Drawing submissions and getting Approval from consultants.
        Site issues are highlighted and sent to a consultant.
        Site Additional work Preparation and send the Quotation.
        Check and Plan the EOT Date & schedule of the Project as a part of electrical engineer construction jobs.
        Every two weeks, once attend the site technical coordination meeting.
        Monthly once attend the site safety coordination meeting.
        Detail engineering with a safety factor in the design.
        Updating the Drawing depends on the on-site condition.
        Mockup unit Preparation and execution.
        Checking the Workmanship and material Quality as per approved make and standard work for the Right quality and routine work.
        Daily & Weekly work Progress Report Preparation and Keeping the Record.
        Preparing the Monthly work Progress Report for claims with Measurements.
        Monthly LEW Tools inspection checklist Preparation and check-in.
        Preparation of Project Reports for correct and Timely information for the Progress of work.
        Responsible for doing surveys, including site measurements.
        Responsible for Highlighting foreseen problems & Delays in advance, Escalating to the Project Manager.

        Client communication and correspondence.
        Quality Assurance.
        Coordination with workers.
        Manpower Controlling and Solving the Problem.
        Updating of material stock.
        Weekly Material Requirements are to be sent by email to the office.
        Final Documentation & Billing Works.
        Ensure power supply is available. Save energy by disconnecting unwanted loads.
        Ensure all electrical machines should be earthed, because in construction, mainly related to steel structures, if any leakage from the device, people will get shocked.
        If work is going on outside, protect the machine by covering that from rainfall.
        Make awareness to all people how to switch off power in case of an electrical accident.

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