Helping SMEs prepare for Industry 4.0 with the ET Digital Transformation Program

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      A six-week program for SMEs in the manufacturing sector looking to change their businesses digitally has been created by The Economic Times in collaboration with the NASSCOM Center of Excellence IoT & AI and the India SME Accelerator Network.

      Global specialists with years of experience in converting manufacturing operations into intelligent factories serve as teachers for the six-week participation-by-invitation program. Using profound knowledge and insights on the cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and augmented reality (AR), each expert and their teaching topic are carefully chosen to offer maximum value to participants.

      Each expert has experience transforming firms, and over the course of six weeks, they will train participants on how to change their manufacturing processes in order to spur development. The course material will hasten participating businesses’ preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, which is the next transformation phase.

      There is no training that addresses this requirement for SMEs, thus the course is really beneficial. To help SMEs who want to be Industry 4.0 compliant, we carefully selected the course material.

      Simply register here to begin the selection process. Depending on seat availability, our assessment staff will analyze your provided information to determine whether you are a good fit for the workshop and whether you will be admitted.

      The sessions for the six-week workshop will be both online and offline, or physically. the process Participants would receive instruction on how to increase production and efficiency and save operating expenses through lectures, case studies, and interactive sessions. For the greatest value, sessions will be interactive. Real-time data’s significance and applications for enhancing operations, boosting efficiency, and boosting profitability will be major takeaways from the course.

      The training curriculum will address leadership and management skills to successfully lead a digital transition in addition to the technical parts of it. With lessons on how to explain the benefits of digital technology to various audience groups and how to create a strategic plan for digital transformation, each participant will have access to important stakeholders on the topic.

      30+ industry leaders and experts from the manufacturing sector serve as program teachers, together with consultants for digital transformation and well-known business mentors from IIT Madras and businesses like Intel, Oracle, and Ernst & Young. Perhaps the greatest in India in each of their various fields is this team of professionals.

      The first week of the program will start on January 28, 2023, and will feature the speakers and subjects listed below.

      1. Samip Mutha, vice president, and director of innovation and digital strategy at RPG Group: Mutha has helped businesses throughout the world for more than 20 years by utilizing technology and innovation. She has played a key role in the development and transformation of industrial companies. At the session, Mutha will provide the program’s keynote address on digital transformation and manufacturing excellence, focusing on the important issues that SME leaders should take into account before beginning their digital journey.
      2. Amit Saluja, Senior Director and Center Head of the NASSCOM Center of Excellence in Gandhinagar: At NASSCOM, Gandhinagar, Saluja is the director of the first and only facility in India dedicated to helping SMEs become Industry 4.0 ready. By giving industrial companies eager to accelerate their digital transformation knowledge, connections, and a wealth of value, this center is dedicated to helping them become competitive on a worldwide scale.
      3. TUV SUD in Singapore employs Shridhar Ravikumar, who specializes in developing innovative manufacturing solutions that are prepared for Industry 4.0 by resolving complicated operational issues. A step-by-step process is used to begin a successful digital journey in Ravikumar’s seminar on Driving Digitalization at the Plant.
      4. At India SME Accelerator Network, Shalini Dabholkar serves as the chief operating officer. With decades of experience helping SMEs, Dabholkar is an expert in the SME ecosystem. The centerpiece of the six-week program will be her session, in which she will provide advice on how to organize and execute digitization at industrial units.

      The six-week program will also showcase a number of creative ideas used by other businesses as part of the see-and-learn series. The six-week course’s available seats are quickly filling up.

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