Investment Opportunities For Indian MSMEs Are Based On Their Profitability And Income.

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      Opportunity Network 2023, a business conference hosted by the MSME business forum, invites companies to take advantage of exciting opportunities provided by Investors.

      / – NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 15, 2023 — The MSME Business Forum will present “Opportunity Network 2023” on January 20, 2023, at the Holiday Inn in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, and welcomes MSMEs to take advantage of potential business sectors made available by international investors.

      In 2023, it’s anticipated that leasing, funding EVs and infrastructure, rooftop solar projects, and building warehouses will set the pace.

      96% of MSMEs anticipate higher profits in 2023: Industry Report

      Businesses are invited to take advantage of the exciting opportunities provided by Investors by the MSME business forum, which is organising the forthcoming “Opportunity Network 2023” business conference. 96% of the polled MSMEs expect their earnings to increase in 2023, according to a Business Confidence Survey by MSME-focused digital lender Neo-Growth. Global Investors will support Indian Manufacturing MSMEs in this case to address growth problems.

      MSMEs today require funding for Capex, operations, and company growth initiatives. However, because MSMEs typically work in industries with high levels of capital expenditure, a large portion of internal cash flows and funding is diverted to Capex financing. The MSME Business Forum aims to specifically address this issue by coming up with creative solutions for lending and leasing that involve investor participation.

      The primary issue facing the domestic MSME sector, according to Shri Ravi Nandan Sinha, Director of Development, is that these companies are unable to attract private finance into their operations, leaving them perpetually short of cash. In order to get professional funding, MSME owners and entrepreneurs need to succeed. Our goal at the MSME Business Forum India is to convince international investors that MSMEs have the potential for 2X growth if given financial help.

      For many MSME Businesses, the aim is to transform into a growth-oriented company. Rachana Chowdhary, CEO-MVW-MSME Development Center, stated that scaling a firm requires partnerships with international investors and the proper network, and the Opportunity Network Conference 2023 is the perfect venue for these interactions.

      At the Opportunity Network 2023 conference in Delhi, MSME owners will have the chance to network with local and international business leaders as well as learn about potential alternatives from investors from other countries.

      The Opportunity Network Conference will also provide MSMEs owners options and channels in digitalization, government e-marketplace, and enhancing trust score for funding, among other things, in addition to the aforementioned. Key government and bank officials from across India, including Mr. Navin Biyani, Mr. Nitin Arwade, Mr. Ankit Totla, Mr. Vikas Maheshwari, Mr. Nirav Shah, Mr. Kalyan Jagani, CA. Rahul Gupta, Mr. Shrikanth Patil, and Ms. Priyanka Pandey will be speaking at the conference as investors, promoters, or founders.

      About MSME Business Forum:

      Family offices, former corporate executives, investors, and industry experts founded MSME Business Forum to increase MSME and SME profitability by assuring Ease of Doing Business through subject matter expert interventions. The MSME Business Forum’s professional staff goes beyond only counseling MSMEs to assist businesses in carrying out tasks, assignments, and projects by providing single-window support (acting as a one-stop solution). The support services include help with fund-raising, IT solutions, compliance, audit, valuations, certifications, human resource and training, legal support, marketing, branding, exhibition support, JV/Tie-Ups/Export Promotions, Tender advisory & virtual assistant, and more recently, travel planning and health care support have been added to the support eco-systems.

      MVW-MSME Development Center information: In order to help small and mid-sized MSMEs realize their potential, grow more quickly, and discover new possibilities in the post-pandemic age, the Development Center was founded in 2021. The development center’s (DC) aim was to support Indian MSMEs by helping them adopt best practices from around the world, implement efficient workflows, implement successful marketing strategies, go digital, and be prepared for investment. The Development Center’s mission is to rethink and reinvent India’s MSMEs. It is crucial in influencing, supporting, and upskilling entrepreneurs through timely interventions with timely mentorship, resources, and assistance when needed.

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